Gertrúda Milchová with her daugther and son-in-law on a trip to Piestany

This picture was taken in 2005 in Piestany. From left to right it shows me, Gertrúda Milchová, my daughter's husband and my daughter, Eva Piovarcsyová. After 1989 no changes in my life took place. I was already retired. I looked forward to the fact that my grandchildren and my family would have a better and freer life, and that I'd be able to travel. For me, going from Bratislava to Vienna was ?far.? It was insurmountable, and today, when my granddaughter wants to go buy some shoes, she goes to Vienna. I always try to fill my spare time with something. In the first place, I'm interested in our family. I play a bit with my great-granddaughter, I take care of my household. I have to go shopping, I have to cook myself something, I have to clean, and that takes time. I solve crossword puzzles intensively, I work on the computer, I've got solitaire on it. There's always something ? sew this on, patch this, and so on. I've also got some friends that I see, they come visit me. I'm not bored, I'm never bored. I watch TV, and more and more often I ?curse? at it, because what's on is worse and worse.