Gabor Weisz and his family

This photo was taken in Fot in the studio of Gyula Kozma. My wife's family, the Weisz family is pictured here. From the left, the first person sitting is my wife's uncle, Pal Weisz (There were eight brothers and sisters). Pal worked as a builder-wholesaler. He was taken relatively earlier to the internment camp at Kistarcsa [see: Kistarcsa internment camp] because the constable commander of the city of Fot owed him money, so he erased his debts that way. We don?t know where he went, all we got from him was a postcard from Gonyu. He was lost to work service. Next to Pal sits Jozsef Weisz, my wife's other Uncle who died in work service in 1944, we have no idea where either. The third from the left is Mrs. Gabor Weisz [born: Katalin Kaiser], my wife's grandmother. Next to her is the head of the family, Gabor Weisz, a spice merchant and restauranteur, his first profession was tinsmith. We know he worked on the Fot synagogue and participated in its construction. He had a spice shop, next to that a pub and restaurant. When he died in 1922, his wife took over the business all the way up to the Jewish laws. [see: anti-Jewish laws in Hungary] Grandma died in 1943. Second from the left, her husband's name was Reich. He's sitting next to her in the front row, first from the right. Both were lost in the war along with their families. In the upper row, first from the left stands Marta Weisz, who commited suicide in 1936. Third from the left is Ilona Weisz who lived in Ujvidek [Novi Sad]. Both the girls married Wellis?s. Following the Hungarian invasion, Hungarian soldiers shot Ilona Weisz and her family in the head [see: Novi Sad Massacre]. Next to Ilona, stands Sandor Weisz, who died in work service in the Duna bend, and Tibor Weisz, whom my wife hid in their attic.