Fanya’s relatives

Fanya’s relatives


These are my cousins and my half-cousins. My cousin sits in the front row, third from the right,  Kuzma Timopheyevich Makarenkov. He came to Kiev and changed his name from Abram Maryanchik to Kuzma Timopheyevich .

On 26th July I went to Ufa by train together with other library employees, where we delivered the most precious books. Before the evacuation my mother gave me 700 rubles and I was able to rent a room in Ufa. I had to find a job and started working as a timekeeper at a construction site. Later I met some relatives on Maryanchiks’ side. They were planning to leave for Fergana. Our uncle lived there. He worked as a Superior at the KGB and ‘turned into’ Kuzma Timofeyevich Makarenkov from Abram Maryanchik. Together with my relatives I went to Fergana where again I had to look for a job (my uncle could not help me). It was the end of 1941.

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