Evgenia Wainshtock’s mother Leibe Haitina

My mother Leibe Haitina on her birthday in 1927 in Kiev.

My mother Leibe was born in 1908 and was the younger in family. She finished a grammar school in Kiev. I know no details about her childhood. She also finished Kiev Pedagogical College. Although her parents were very religious she didn't observe any religious traditions. She had Ukrainian, Russian and Jewish friends. My mother often went for walks in Kreschatik (Editor's note: Kreschatik is the main street of Kiev), to the Jewish theater and to the cinema with them.

My parents met each other somewhere in a park in Bessarabka in 1930. My mother was so pretty. My father was a very handsome man. He had blue eyes and fair hair. They got married in 3 months after they met They had a plain civil ceremony.