Eveline Ciocoiu at home

Eveline Ciocoiu at home

This is a photograph of me, Eveline Ciocoiu, taken in my apartment on 30th June 2006.

My maiden name is Eveline Basch, I was born in December 1932, and my married name is Ciocoiu. I was a student in Cluj.

My student years were beautiful in the sense that I was young, but I was in dire straits in those days because I didn't receive accommodation in the students' hostel. I lived in a very wretched room.

Around 12 girls lived in a students' hostel room. I used to go to the hostel every now and then to study with my classmates, for there were no written lectures. The room that I lived in was rented.

I was given a position in Cluj after graduating from the university, but I had married during the 5th year of my studies and my husband who was an actor obtained a transfer to the theatre in Turda; as a result, I myself went to Turda.

The ministry officials were very surprised at my request to be given a position in Turda instead of Cluj. Then we moved to Braila, because the reconstruction in Ardeal was non-existent.

I received a newspaper clipping from my parents with an announcement that they were building a Fiber Combine in Braila. I applied for a transfer, stating that I would like to go to Braila; it was with great difficulty that I received the transfer from Turda, where I worked after finishing my studies.

When the artificial [synthetic] fibers combine was built in 1963, I moved from Turda and came to Braila, because they gave apartments to those who worked at the combine.

Otherwise, I might have never returned to Braila. I loved my father very much and this was another reason for my return. I moved there and my father died soon afterwards, in February 1964.

My husband's name is Nicolae Ciocoiu. He is 5 years older than me. Actually, we met for the first time on the beach in Braila. He didn't live in Braila, but he had come there on a tour.

I was still in school when we met; we saw each other again three years later, in Bucharest. We exchanged letters, and three years later I sat for the university admission exam in Cluj.

However, my husband had attended the university in Bucharest. He was an actor then, playing for the Youth Theatre in Bucharest and he obtained a transfer to Cluj.

I got married when I was in my 4th year at the university. We married in Cluj and were married only at the registrar's office, we had no religious ceremony.

After we got married we observed both the Christian and the Jewish holidays. We have an only child, a daughter, Ioana, who was born in 1971.

After our return to Braila we no longer lived with my parents but were given an apartment near the Sfantu' Constantin church.

After the earthquake of 1977, when my daughter was of school age, we bought an apartment, for this was the period when it was possible to buy an apartment. We bought one located near the Sfantu Gheorghe church.

After 1989, I couldn't say how much my life has changed financially and socially. There is also the age factor. I was already too old when the revolution took place and in addition there was the mad episode of retirement.

Young people would write 'eligible for retirement' on my door, but I stubbornly continued to work and kept working until I was 60 and it hasn't made much difference. Financially, I was better off and had more security during communism.

I couldn't say that I am poorer at present, for in fact I am not, but before the revolution you could plan anything 3-4 years in advance and now it is impossible to do so for the upcoming month.

I must however admit that I receive support from my sister. My previous trip to Israel was no farther than last year and I will go there again on this year's Passover.

I've been there many times. I never felt fear or lack of security when I was there. I was never afraid of anything over there.

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