Erno Szabados' proof of release

This document states that the mayor of Mauthausen affirms that my older brother, Erno Szabados was liberated by the American units from the Mauthausen concentration camp. They called up Erno and Jeno to work service in 1942. From there, first they went to Vac then to Budapest. From there they were taken to Austria. Jeno was the spiritually stronger one and Erno can thank him for surviving the work service. Erno and Jeno were liberated from Mauthhausen. Erno surely would have died without Jeno. If he had to carry him on his back, or steal food for him, he did it, and by the way he kept their spirits up. I know this from when Erno succeeded in struggling home. A drunken Russian soldier had shot Jeno as soon as they got to Austria. He wasn?t the only victim. Erno died without a descendant.