Emma Bashmet

Here you can see my younger sister Emma Bashmet. This photo was taken in Odessa in 1936, when my sister turned one year old. Our uncle Aizik Bashmet took this photo in his studio. My uncle liked coloring these photographs to make them look fancier.

In 1935, on 17th February my sister was born. This was a grand event in our life. I even made a calendar and marked that she was born at 10 o’clock. My sister was named Emma, it was close to my mother’s name Etl. She was a lovely fair girl, everybody liked her and she loved all.

I always loved her. She was an amazing person, kind and fair and never recognized the evil. Regretfully Emma was single. She was very ill. She had an ulcer in her stomach, consequences of the war and poor food. She was a philologist and worked in the library. She was very fond of Pushkin. She loved her nephews, my children, and spent a lot of time with them. In 1969 my sister Emma died.