Elza Fulop with relatives

This is me, Elza Fulop, driving a carriage in Izvorul Crisului. The people in the back seat are my cousin, David Goldstein, and his wife, Malvin. The carriage belonged to David. The boy in front is the one who usually drove the carriage. The photo was taken in the 1930s.

My mother only had one sister, Roza, who was much older than she was, as Roza had been the first-born child, while my mother had been the last. All the other children died very young, so my mother only knew Aunt Roza. Out of eleven children, only the oldest and the youngest stayed alive. My mother and Roza were only half-sisters actually, because the latter's father was Grandmother's first husband, not my grandfather. The age difference between the two sisters was of 12-13 years, which meant that, even when my mother was still a child, her sister was already married.

Roza's husband was named Abraham Goldstein. The two of them lived in Izvorul Crisului and had four sons: David, Moricz, Vilmos and Zsiga. David was the oldest. He was a notary in Izvorul Crisului, had a large, beautiful house and a carriage with two horses. His wife, Malvin, came from the Somes region. Moricz owned a store in Izvorul Crisului and wasn't married. Vilmos and Zsiga left the country even before World War II - the former went to Cuba, the latter to some place in South America - and I never heard from them again. All the others were deported.