Elka Roizman's uncles Idl and Yosl Braiman with their families

This is a picture of my father's family. The photo was taken in 1939 at the celebration of the end of the harvest season, which is a traditional holiday in villages. Sitting in the 1st row are my father's younger brother Yosl Braiman and his wife Manya. In the 2nd row from the left are Esther, the wife of my father's brother Idl Braiman, their younger daughter Pesl, Esther's relative and their older daughter Tzeitl. Standing on the right in the 3rd row is my father's brother Idl Braiman. Standing behind him are his brother Zeidl Braiman and his wife Miriam. The 3rd on the right in the last row is my mother's younger sister Khone Kotliar. The others in the picture are our neighbors from Karpachi village. My father's oldest brother, Zeidl Braiman, was 9-10 years older than my father. He lived in Zheredevka village, about 5 kilometers from where we lived. His wife's name was Miriam. They had no children. Miriam's sister, I believe her name was Rokhl, lived in the same village. Uncle Zeidl and Miriam's sister owned a water mill. Besides, my uncle had a dairy farm. He kept cows and calves. He had employees on his farm. During the Great Patriotic War Zeidl and his familiy perished in the ghetto in Transnistria. Idl Braiman, was born around 1887. He lived in Yedintsy. He and his wife grew wheat. During World War II Idl and his family were in the ghetto in Bershad. Idl's wife died of a disease, cold and starvation. Idl returned home with his daughters. Tzeitl made clothes and sold them at the market. She fell ill with tuberculosis after the harsh living conditions in the ghetto and died a few years later. Uncle Idl had a job as a guard. Pesl went to school. She heard about the rabbi of Chernovtsy who helped orphaned children to move to Israel. Pesl talked to him, and he helped her to obtain all the necessary documents for emigration. She moved to Israel in 1946. Her mother's older brothers, who lived in Brazil, found her there. They were rich and had no children. Pesl moved to Brazil where she got married and had two daughters. She corresponded with us and sent us parcels with fabrics and clothes. In 1954 Pesl came to Yedintsy and took her father to Brazil. Uncle Idl died there in the 1970s. After his death Pesl, her husband and their children moved to Israel. She still lives there. My father's other brother, Yosl Braiman, was born in 1889. He lived in Yedintsy. Yosl's wife Manya was a rich girl. Her dowry included fields and cattle. She had finished grammar school. Yosl and Manya had two sons. One son was a little older than me, and their second son was born in the ghetto in Bershad. The whole family survived in the ghetto. After the war their older son graduated from the Academy of Agriculture and held high official positions. The younger son was an engineer. Uncle Yosl died in 1976. His wife and two sons moved to Israel. His wife died there in 1988. The older son died recently, and the younger one lives in Israel with his family.