Efim Zhornitskiy with his family and grandchildren


This is me and my family and grandchildren. The first man on the left is Slava Bravermann, my older daughter Emma’s husband. I am standing next to him, next to me my wife Julia and my daughters Svetlana and Emma. In the front are my three grandchildren Igor, Natasha and Dima. The photo was made in Tulchin in 1992 when I went to visit my home town.

Emma married Slava Braverman - a grandson of my mother's sister Zlota - in 1973. They have two sons: Dima and Igor. They live in America. Svetlana married her fellow student Yura Golovchenko in 1976. They have a daughter Natasha. She lives in Odessa. She married her fellow student. They have their own business and they are successful.



Efim Zhornitskiy