Efim Pisarenko with his second wife Inna Pisarenko and their son Ruvim Pisarenko

This is a picture of me with my second wife, Inna Pisarenko [nee Bogomolnaya] and our son Ruvim. When people began to move to Israel in the 1970s I got very enthusiastic about it. But my first wife didn't want to come along. After our divorce I told her that I wanted to go. She told me that she would give me her permission if I paid her the total amount of the alimony for both sons until they came of age. I have never had that much money. I didn't condemn the people who left. Vice versa - I envied them. I got married for the second time in 1978. Inna is a Jew. In 1979 our son Ruvim was born. Inna is much younger than me; she was born in 1956. Perhaps, that's why our marriage didn't last long. Inna and Ruvim are in Israel now. My son served in the army and now he studies at university. I met him when I went to Israel.