Edita Adler with her husband Iuliu Adler on their wedding day

This is a photo of me and my husband, Iuliu Adler, taken on our wedding day, 6th June 1966, in the city hall here, in Brasov. I met my husband, Iuliu Adler, in Bucharest in 1966; a common acquaintance introduced us. He was born in Buzau in 1935. I only met his mother, Rebecca, a very friendly person, because his father, Jacques Adler, had already died. His mother was a housewife, but I don't know what his father did for a living; he died nine years before I met my husband. I don't know what their situation was during World War II. Iuliu was the only child and he studied electrotechnics in Bucharest. My husband worked as an engineer, but he had no political views, and he wasn't a member of the Communist Party. He was more interested in work, in trips, and the like. We got married in 1966 in Brasov, but although he was Jewish, we didn't have a religious wedding. Iuliu wasn't religious at all. He didn't grow up in a Jewish environment, and almost all his friends were Christians. So we only had the civil marriage ceremony and a small party for the family at a restaurant. Iuliu didn't observe any kind of Jewish holiday, but I urged him to. So we would observe at home whatever I had set my mind to. In 1966, when I got married, I went to work in Prejmer [village in Brasov county, 25 km from Brasov], which was much closer to Brasov. I lived with my husband in my parents' house in Brasov, and I was commuting every day to Prejmer. In Prejmer I was in charge of the stomatology department. In the first years of our marriage, my husband and I were able to go on small trips with our friends, a few close families, to celebrate anniversaries and so on, but after that, it wasn't possible anymore because my husband fell ill, and so did my parents.