A double profile of David Levi

A double profile of David Levi


This is a double profile of my husband David Levi (Dick), painted by the famous Bulgarian artist Nikola Mirchev. The inscription says "To Dick for the friendship. Nikola Mirchev Burgas Prison 1943."

I knew my husband, David Levi, from early on, because he was a famous illegal activist and a lot of people knew who he was. He had been imprisoned for a long time and I knew about him although we had never met. He was born in Sofia and arrested here. He was sent to the Sofia prison, then to the Varna one and then to the Burgas one. He also worked in the Jewish labor camps. He was sentenced to ten years imprisonment for UYW activities.

We met at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We fell passionately in love and got married on 19th January 1947. We had nowhere to live together, so I lived at my mother's and he lived at his parents' house. We met in the parks. David was a great sportsman, a tourist: we went to the Vitosha Mountain and to other mountains as well. From time to time we went to his parents' house; there was a small room there: they slept on some kind of panel beds, I don't know how they had managed to preserve them. And there was a couch at the foot of the bed where we slept.

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