Dora Puchalskaya’s aunt Bella Geller

This is my father's sister Bella Gitman. This photo was taken in Litin in the 1930s, before Bella got married and moved to Leningrad with her husband. 

My father's parents Yakov (Yankel in the Jewish manner) and Riva Gitman lived in Litin, in the center. They got married some time in 1905 and had five children. My father told me that they observed all traditions and kashrut. They observed Sabbath and Jewish holidays. My grandmother and grandfather went to synagogue on Saturdays and high holidays and fasted on the Day of Atonement. However, they were not fanatically religious. They gave their children an opportunity to determine their priorities in life and make up their own decisions. 

My father's younger sister Bertha - she was usually called Bella -, born in 1912 was everybody's favorite in the family. In the late 1930s she married a Jewish man and moved to Leningrad where her husband lived. In spring 1941 Bella came to Zhmerinka to have her baby. She was there, when the war began. She, grandfather and grandmother and Fania's family evacuated to Bugulma. Fania's son Michael was born there in 1941. Bella's husband perished at the front. In 1945 she married her husband's friend who was in love with her. They moved to Leningrad. Bella had her second husband's last name of Geller. In 1946 their son Yakov Geller was born. Bella died in Leningrad in the 1970s. Michael finished a technical school and Yakov finished a College of Economics in Ternopol. They've moved to the USA with their families. I've had no contacts with them.