Dinora Gdalievna Dombrovskaya

This is my grandmother on my father's side, Dinora Gdalievna Dombrovskaya. A native of Tomsk, she left for St. Petersburg and finished the Medical Institute there.
Having married Leib Borisovich Zilber, she lived with her husband in Tavricheskaya Street in Leningrad after the revolution of 1917.
In this photo you can see part of the room in Tavricheskaya Street, where Grandmother Dinora lived, where she had installed her stomatological equipment and where she conducted private reception of patients.
Pay attention to the very stylish double bed with wood engraving.

My paternal grandmother, Dinora Gdalievna Dombrovskaya, was born in Tomsk in Siberia in 1885, and died around 1960. She kept her maiden name after marriage. She came from a large family, she had many brothers. I don’t remember their names. After finishing grammar school at the age of 18, she entered the St. Petersburg Medical Institute and became a dentist. She had dentist’s equipment installed in her apartment, and she received patients there. Dinora was a girl of strict rules: a student, who wanted to find her own path. In 1917, when the revolution broke out, she got married and lived with her husband, my grandfather Leib Borisovich Zilber, in Tavricheskaya Street in Leningrad.