Communella Bunikovskaya’s grandfather Mordukh Dubrov

My grandfather on my mother's side Mordukh Dubrov. The photo was made in Yuzovka. Photo made before my grandparents' wedding in 1903. My mother Gita Bunikovskaya, nee Dubrova, was born in Yuzovka town in Donbass on 7 November 1909. Her father Mordukh [Mark - this name sounded more Russian fashion and the surrounding people called him by this name] Dubrov was presumably born in a Jewish agricultural colony near Mariupol in 1860s. My mother also wrote in her notes that his father, my mother’s grandfather, Shaya Dubrov resided here. Grandfather Mordukh was a blacksmith - I only saw his photo. He was a big strong man with short hair and moustache. He owned a forge located in Sobachka, a poor neighborhood near Yuzovka. When I came to Yuzovka after the Great patriotic War there was housing construction where Sobachka used to be. My grandfather died of diabetes in 1914 when my mother was 4 years old.