Chaya Belostotskaya and her son Tuvia

These are my aunt Chaya Belostotskaya and her son Tuvia. The picture was taken in Kaunas in the late 1930s before their departure for Israel.

Mother’s elder sister Chaya was born in 1890. Her husband, a Jewish man, Belostotskiy, owned a small tannery, where pork hide was tanned. Chaya never worked. Her husband was rather prosperous, so Chaya’s family did pretty well. They lived in their own house on the central street of Vilkaviskis. Chaya had four children. The youngest in the family, Chaya’s only son Tuvia left for Israel with his parents. He was married. He died in 2001. His wife and daughter are living in Israel. Chaya lived until the 1980s and died, when she was over ninety years old.