Chaim Warzager

This is my uncle Chaim Warzager. He’s my father’s brother. He left for Canada already before the war. I got this picture with a letter from him shortly after the end of the war, in the 1950s.

Thanks to my uncle Szulem here in Poland I got in touch with members of my father's family who had emigrated to the USA and Canada before the war. I'd seen a photo of them, and you could see right away that they had it much better over there - they were dressed in waistcoats and had watches with fobs. I even got hold of the address of one of them, and tried to correspond with him, because I was so poor then - I didn't earn much at all in light industry. He lived in Canada. I wrote and asked him to help me a little, and he wrote back, and sent a picture with his name written on it: Chaim. He looked like an elderly man already. The letter was in Yiddish, and it was typewritten. He wrote that he was an old man and that he couldn't help me.

There’s nothing more I can say about him or his family, we are not in contact any more. This picture is all I have from that family.