Chaim and Otylia Ejnesman in Ciechocinek

Chaim and Otylia Ejnesman in Ciechocinek

This is me and my second wife, Otylia Ejnesman, in Ciechocinek. The photo was taken in 2002.

During the time I was in Canada, I had no contacts with Poland. One day I got sick in Ontario [in 1990], they took me to the hospital with a stroke and I had to leave. There are no possibilities there. There you have to be rich when you fall ill. And I had a Polish passport, because I never gave it back. I never took Russian citizenship, or any other.

My wife brought me to Poland in 1992, to a sanatorium in Iwonicz. I was there for several months and I was getting better. A lot better. We even wanted to buy an apartment there, in Krosno. But they convinced us to move closer to Warsaw. I didn't care much. Because after this stroke, I was in bad shape for quite some time. So they got this house. And we're living here, in Podkowa Lesna. I wouldn't want to live in Warsaw, because there's too much noise. But this will have to be sold. It's difficult to maintain a house now. Our children are in Canada and we stayed here. They come here from time to time to visit us.

I registered as a war veteran in Warsaw, that's when we started going to the Jewish Theater, to TSKZ. People visited me from Spielberg's Foundation, they were making a movie. We celebrate Jewish holidays, because my wife likes that. She goes to the rabbi to get the matzah; by now he knows her better than he knows me. She's more involved, but because I can't walk, how could I get involved. And life goes on, thank God, we're living all right. I go to rehabilitation, they take me; you live as long as you can, don't you?

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