Bronia Przedborska and her family

This is my mama's sister, Bronia Przedborska, nee Pilicer, her husband Przedborski (I don't know his first name), her daughter from her first marriage, Ewa Prywes, and her grandson Uri, Mosze Prywes' firstborn son. This photograph was taken in Lodz in 1935. They lived in Lodz.

Ewa had survived the war in Warsaw; she was totally unlike a Jew, so she didn't go into hiding. We often met up during the occupation. She died in Warsaw in 1980. Her brother Mosze Prywes married a woman called Poznanska in Lodz, I can't remember her first name, and went to Israel.

There he graduated from university, did a doctorate, an assistant professorship, and was a university lecturer in Jerusalem, a professor of sociology.

His wife went with him to Jerusalem and they had two children, one of them was Uri, but then she din't want to live in Israel, and she took the children and went to Canada.

He lost touch with them. He didn't marry again; his family life was destroyed. My aunt Bronia died in the Lodz ghetto. My uncle Przedborski was in Auschwitz, and when the Germans evacuated Auschwitz and drove people westwards, he died on the way.

Aunt Bronia was one of eleven children of my grandparents Pilicer. They had eight daughters - Sara, Cesia, Pola, Bronia, Hanka, Mania, Hela and Jehudit, my mama - and three sons: Mendel, Simcha and Josel.

My grandparents lived in Lodz on Dzielna Street. Grandma Ryfka kept a very welcoming house. She had a large family from Zdunska Wola, and her brothers and their families would come to visit her at all the festivals, because she was the only one of all the siblings who was wealthy.

We always spent the festival of Purim with her. Moreover, almost every afternoon Grandma's daughters would go there with their children. When I was still small Mama would often take me to my grandparents'. I often met there Aunt Bronia and her children.