Boris Aizman and his family, including his son Israel Borisovich Aizman

This picture shows my paternal grandfather, Boris Aizman ,and his family. From left to right : my father's brother (name unknown), my grandmother (first name not known), my father, Israel Borisovich Aizman, another of Dad's brothers (name unknown), Dad's brother Leva, my Grandfather, and another of Dad's brothers (name unknown). My paternal great-grandmother and great-grandfather were born and lived in Revel, Estonia. [After 1917 the city was called Tallinn]. Great-grandpa's surname was Aizman. Grandma and grandpa were born there, too Who were grandma and grandpa? What was their profession? Their status? ? of this I know nothing; I don?t even know their names. But if my father was called Israel Borisovich, then, most likely, grandpa was named Boris. I never knew either of them. They died even before the Soviet regime came to power. I was told, however, that they were very religious. I?ve been told that in 1913 my dad, Israel Borisovich, two of his brothers, Leva and Grisha (Herman) and their cousin Anna Isaacovna left Revel and went off to St. Petersburg. My grandparents in Revel died at about the same time. Granny and grandpa had 13 children, but I don?t know anything about the ones who remained in Revel. In 1914 the oldest brothers ? dad and uncle Leva ? joined the army. Uncle Grisha didn't go with them as he was too young. He was probably born in 1902. Uncle Leva also fought in the Civil War and was a war hero. He was wounded in the spine and never could walk again. He died in Leningrad during the blockade. He couldn't walk and was helpless.