Bonka Davico’s husband’s mother Rasela Davico

Bonka Davico’s husband’s mother Rasela Davico

This is my husband’s mother Rasela Davico as a girl. The photo was taken in Belgrade in the 1890s.

When my husband was 14 his mother died.

My father-in-law Jasa was horribly miserable when his wife died.

He was the poorest of all brothers and he didn’t know what to do with the children.

My husband’s mother Rachel had four sisters, Nuca, Saruca-Sarah, Rhea, Sophia.

The aunts took the sons into her house. My husband lived with Luisa, who was Nisim’s brother’s wife.

Oscar lived with Aunt Rhea, and Mirko with Aunt Sarah.

(Today) Oskar is one of the most celebrated Serbian poets. Mirko was a famous student and the organizer of student protests in the Faculty of Law.

He was killed in Jasenovac.

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