Bala and Mania Gringras

Bala and Mania Gringras

This is a photograph of my youngest sisters Bala and Mania. It was taken in Kielce in 1938 or 1939.

The elder of the two was Bala, or Bela. I think we used to call her Bala, but how it was written I don't know. I remember Bala well.

I was very fond of her, a very lively, intelligent girl, active, very handsome, in my view. Nice eyes, and she had dimples on her face. Mania didn't, nor did Ziuka.

Mania was the last in the line, the ninth child. But by the time she was growing up I was in Warsaw, I hardly met them, except in the vacations, and then very rarely.

Whether Bala and Mania had their admirers, that I don't know. The girls worked in the photography studio; I think they spent some time learning retouching too, and then they worked in Orion.

I don't think they had any schooling. They could read and write, and were good with figures, of course, and spoke proper Polish, but what school they went to I don't know. There were schools with four grades or six grades.

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