Avi Dobrysh

That’s me at home. The picture was taken in Tallinn in 1985.

During Soviet times I worked on construction sites and in design institutes. I have worked for 16 years in Estgiproselstroy. We designed Estonian villages. 40 years ago I met our current president, Reutel. He was the director of a sovkhoz at that time, and I was involved in designing buildings in that village.

I was in charge of all the Olympic constructions in Tallinn, built in 1980. In the course of the Moscow Olympics of 1980 there was a sailing regatta in Tallinn. A sailing sport center was to be built for the regatta. Hotel Olympia, the amusement center and restaurant Pirita, the Sports Palace on the shore were to be built as well. I was in charge of those construction projects. It was a very interesting and the most pleasant job for me, as I am a sportsman, and I knew that what was built at that time would remain. Apart from the budget we received from Estonian we were also funded by Moscow.

When perestroika began, I felt confident being a manager. Taking advantage of the situation, I founded a joint Finnish and Soviet enterprise. I met my Finnish friends during the construction for the Olympics. I purchased boilers from them. We’ve remained friends until today. We founded a joint enterprise dealing with the production of heating equipment.