Aunt Reizl's family

This is a picture of my maternal Aunt Reizl, her husband and children. The photo was taken in Bucharest in 1922. My mother's family lived in Mohilev-Podolsk. In the early 1920s my father came to Mohilev-Podolsk on business. He met my mother's sister Reizl, who was a very beautiful girl. My father fell in love with her, but she was engaged to a Romanian Jew from Bucharest, who owned several stores. I don't remember his name. My grandfather didn't want his daughter to break off her engagement and marry a poor man from a small village. He expedited his daughter's wedding. It took place in Mohilev-Podolsk, and on the following day Reizl and her husband left for Romania. Mohilev-Podolsk was on the right bank of the Dnestr River. The newly-weds had to cross the river. They were to cross it on a boat. There was another boat crossing the river. A man and his wife, older people, were on board. In the middle of the river they decided to change places, lost their balance and fell into the river. My mother's sister Reizl swam well. She grabbed both old people and managed to reach the bank with them. My mother said that those were scaring moments when she was watching her sister from the bank helplessly. The brothers ran to get another boat, but it all took time. They were all so happy to see Reizl and the survivors safe on the river bank. My future father was also there when this incident happened. He was comforting my mother. When it was all over they threw themselves into one another's arms. Afterwards they started seeing each other. After some time my father asked my grandparents to allow him to marry their daughter. In less than a week my parents had a civil ceremony in Mohilev-Podolsk. Reizl and her husband lived in Bucharest. Her husband owned a few shoe stores. His business was successful. The man rescued by Reizl turned out to be a popular jeweler in Bucharest. He had a beautiful set with emeralds made in his shop and gave it to Reizl as a gift. Reizl and her husband had two sons. The family was doing very well. Once Reizl injured her leg. It didn't heal. Her brother Israel went to see her. He told her that she had gangrene and needed surgery. She was afraid of seeing a doctor. When she went to hospital at last, it was too late. She had surgery, but the amputation of her leg resulted in sepsis, and she died in 1923 at the age of 27. I don't know anything about her husband or sons. She was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Bucharest, according to Jewish traditions.