Aron Alkalai’s aunt Sara Hazdai (nee Alkalai) and aunt Julie Alkalai

Aron Alkalai’s aunt Sara Hazdai (nee Alkalai) and aunt Julie Alkalai

This is a photo of aunt Sara Hazdai (nee Alkalai) and aunt Julie Alkalai. It was taken in Kyustendil in the 1920s. Aunt Sara is on the right and she is my father's sister. Julie is on the left and is uncle Leon's wife. Uncle Leon is my father's brother. Sara married Yosif Hazdai from Dupnitsa. He was a cobbler.

My father had four sisters and four brothers. After him his sister Kalina (Leonova, by husband) was born. She married in Dupnitsa. Then Rashel was born. She lived in Kyustendil and she did not marry. After her is Sara, now Hazdai, who lived in Dupnitsa and Vita, now Isakova, who also lived in Dupnitsa. All my father's sisters were housewives. My father's brothers are Mois, Leon, Solomon and Azarya.

My father's brother Leon remained to live in Kyustendil. He sewed ladies' clothes. He had a family with two children.

Sara lived in Dupnitsa. She married a cobbler and she had three boys - Leon Hazdai, Aron Hazdai and Hertsel Hazdai. Leon and Aron left for Israel and as far as I know they died. Only Hertsel is still alive and lives in a villa near Dupnitsa. There are beehives, rabbits and a goat there. He was a constructor in a factory for prints and pressforms. He was a very skilled specialist.

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