Anna Lorencova with her brother Hanus Hron and his wife

This is a picture of my brother Hanus Hron (nee Weinstein), me and my brother’s wife. It was taken in Telc in 2002. We used to go there often because Telc is close to Palupin.

Our family estate in Palupin was put under state control by the communists in 1948 and about seven to eight different owners alternated there with varied focuses of interest, from breeding ducks to breeding bulls.

In the last 17 years prior to the restitution, it was known as JZD Strmilov Collective Farm. I went there with my children on vacation for all those years; we rented a cottage and one time the local authority even rented us three rooms in our own house.

My brother's family also used to go there. When my children grew up, my younger daughter wanted nothing better than to buy a cottage in Palupin, and when that didn't work out, they got one in the next village, which is about a kilometer away.

Very soon after the revolution we got our estate back as part of the restitution. It was in a very poor state of repair. We are trying to look after it, but it is very difficult. But at least our family can once again spend their vacations and weekends over there.

We welcomed the revolution of 1989 with enthusiasm. My children went on all the demonstrations and even with toddlers on their shoulders.

My entire life was changed by the revolution. The only thing I regret about the past is that our very many social contacts have disappeared. In the past, we all did menial work but we had plenty of time for each other.

Since the revolution everyone has got involved in different projects or tried to catch up on things, but all those wonderful social contacts have been broken off.