Anna Cohen

This is my granddaughter, Anna. She was born in 1973. My son, Anatoly, married Lyudmila, and they had two children, Boris and Anna. Lyudmila is from a mixed family; her father is a Jew, her mother is Russian. Lyudmila is the headmaster and teaches Hebrew at the Jewish Sunday school in Narva. Anna took a correspondence course at the Jewish University in Moscow for two years. She left for Israel in 1997. She married a French Jew. Anna is a nurse, and she lives and works in Jerusalem. Boris and his Jewish friends dreamed about Israel. We began to obtain the documents necessary to emigrate. But Fate managed otherwise. During the Chernobyl accident, Boris served in the Soviet Army not far from Chernobyl. Some years later, his health started to deteriorate and we lost him in 1992. It was a very terrible blow for us. Soon after that, Anatoly had a heart attack. Our move to Israel was canceled.