Andreja’s father

Andreja’s father

My father’s formal portrait.

My father was born in Pecs, Hungary,  in 1875. My grandfather had a tailor shop there, and all three of his sons probably worked there. I believe that my father, who finished the Commercial Academy, took the initiative to move the store to Zagreb. Right on Jelacicev Square, on the first floor was the "Samuel Preger and Sons" tailor shop. My father was a merchant and his brother, Edo, was the tailor. The business did not last long because World War I soon broke out. My father's family and his brother were always together and the two brothers ended up marrying two sisters. Both of our families were always very close. We lived together in the same house and socialized together. 

I remember that he regularly went to shul, Temple, and most likely did not speak Yiddish, but he did know German which was spoken at home.My family observed the high holidays. On Rosh Hashanah we went to Temple. On Chanukah we lit candles. Every Friday my mother would light candles. We did not observe Shabbat because the shop was opened. For Pesach we had a Seder not just for our immediate family but also for my father's brother's family. Our two families lived together. The Hagadah was read, dinner was eaten and wine was drunk. I had a bar mitzvah. My father read from the Torah that day and gave a contribution to charity, shnodern. The holidays were connected to the family and were celebrated at home. 

My father was killed during the Holocaust in concentration camp Jasenovac, Croatia.

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