Altarac Leon in a Sukkah in the jewish community in Zagreb

This is my father Leon Altarac. This photo was taken in the Zagreb Jewish Community around 1960.

My father moved to Zagreb in 1949 whereas my mom, my sister Lea and my grandmother only came in 1950.

At first, my father worked in a Jewish old-age home, which was housed in today's Community Center.

He was working as a caretaker and later, when the old-age home was moved from the community building to another building, he became an employee with the Jewish community.

After Dr. Gruner, who was a cantor, died, my father took over his duties. He became a 'non professional' cantor because he wasn't educated in schools.

On the contrary, everything he knew he had learnt in his parents' home. In the community, every holiday was celebrated and it was my father who led the ceremonies. Sometimes even rabbis from abroad came and celebrated holidays with us.