Alexandr Nepomniaschy, his wife and his sisters Elizaveta and Tsylia


My wife and I and my sister Elizaveta in Leningrad visiting my older sister Tsylia. From left to right: my wife Revekka Mexina, my older sister Tsylia Grossman, nee Nepomniaschaya, I, Alexandr (Shaya) Nepomniaschy, and my sister Elizaveta Liapunova, nee Nepomniaschaya.

Tsylia married Aron Grossman and moved to Leningrad with him. Elizabeth entered Department of Economy at the Novgorod Institute of Commerce after finishing school. She met there a Russian young man Pavel Liapunov and they got married. My parents welcomed their marriage regardless of their religious convictions. It was a common idea after the revolution that there should be no nationalities in the new world free from rich people and that we were all Soviet people. My sisters didn't have any wedding parties. They had civil ceremonies to register their marriage. Elizabeth and her husband got a job assignment in Odessa. They lived there before the war working at the department of commerce. In 1938 their son Yury was born.

Tsylia and her son returned to Leningrad along with the plant where she was working. Her husband returned from the front. After the war they had another son. Tsylia died in 1985. Her older son got married and he and his wife emigrated to Israel. They live in Jerusalem. He works as a designer for an architectural company. His daughter Masha was in the army and then entered the university. Tsylia's younger son lives in America. He and his wife are programmers.

Elizabeth's husband perished at the front and she lived with my parents. I supported them. My mother died in 1972. My father died on 5 January 1975. Elizabeth was working at the regional department of commerce and her son, Yury was studying at school. After finishing school Yury entered and graduated from the archive institute. He was Chief of Regional Archive Department in Chernovtsy. Her son Yury Liapunov is a volunteer in Hesed now. Elizabeth died in 1997.

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Alexandr Nepomniaschy