Abram Karmazin’s son Mikhail

My son Mikhail. In 1938 our son Mihail was born. I didn't have him circumcised and thought that I was going to have a problem with my father. But he was no longer religious and didn't raise this subject. My son didn't get any Jewish education. We didn't teach him to observe traditions. He had a phenomenal memory and was good at mathematics. He finished school with honors and tried to enter the Kiev University. He failed. The following year my son entered department of mathematics in Moscow University, graduated from it with honors and took a post-graduate course. He was very handsome and talented. He could have had a great future as a scientist, but life took a different turn. He had a brain tumor and died in 1964 when he was 26. He was buried at the Jewish cemetery in Kiev. My wife and I went to the cemetery almost every day before she died.