Abram Feiman and his wife Sheina

This is my brother Abram Feiman, after he returned from the army, and his wife Sheina. After the war Abram served in the army in Germany until 1949. In 1949 he returned to Tartu, and got married. This photo was taken in Tartu in 1949.

My brother Abram was born in 1916. All Jewish children went to the Jewish school. At the time when my brothers David and Abram were at school, this was a Jewish gymnasium. After finishing the gymnasium they entered Tartu University. David studied at the Pharmaceutical Faculty, and Abram was a student at the Chemical Faculty.

After the war Abram married my brother David wife's cousin Sheina. Their only son Hari was born in 1958. Abram worked as a chemical engineer in the laboratory of the Tartu shoe factory.

Abram observed Jewish traditions. Of course, it was difficult to follow the kashrut. Not only kosher, any other food products were hard to get. I think the card system in the country lasted till the late 1940s. We couldn't celebrate Sabbath since Saturday was a working day in the USSR. Sunday was the day off. When my mother was alive, Abram and his family joined us on holidays. We made matzah long before Pesach. Abram's wife Sheina joined us to make matzah. Abram conducted the seder according to the rites.