Abram Abramson and musicians of the orchestra of Kaunas ghetto

Fascists had an orchestra in Kaunas ghetto, where Uncle Abram was playing. There is his picture with several members of the orchestras of 'die-hards'. On this photo the third violinist from the left is my uncle Abram Abramson, and I don’t know the rest. All of them died during the liquidation of the ghetto in 1944. The picture was taken in Kaunas in 1941.

My father was the eldest of the Abramson brothers. Then Abram was born in 1890. He was a violinist and worked in the orchestra of the Kaunas opera theater. I don’t recall his wife’s name, but I clearly remember his children’s names. The eldest, Israel, was my age. Before World War II he was a student. The younger Lev and Anna went to a lyceum. Abram’s family perished in Kaunas ghetto during its liquidation in 1944.