We stand with Ukraine

  • During this humanitarian catastrophe, many of our friends are supporting major humanitarian aid agencies. Others are sending donations to Jewish organizations. Every donation is needed. 

    Since 2015, a total of 223 Ukrainian teachers have attended Centropa weekend seminars for Holocaust educators.  

    Working together, we have developed programs so teenagers can create their own projects on Jewish history, act as docents for the exhibition we have sent to 44 schools in 12 cities, and launched competitions for students to tell us about “My Town’s Jewish History.”

    Our Ukrainian teachers have been standing up to combat antisemitism. Time to stand up for them. 

    We are offering to send our teachers €50 monthly and by March 16th, we have transferred funds to 104 teachers in nine cities.

    If you would like to help, please use our paypal account (it’s good for credit cards, too). In turn, we’ll send you diary entries, pictures and messages they send us (no family names, no cities).

    Stand with Holocaust educators now on the front lines. Stand with Ukraine. 

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