"Survival in Sarajevo": Exhibition opening in Lassnitzhöhe

  • Our brand-new German-English language traveling exhibition "Survival in Sarajevo: Jews, Muslims and Christians Working Together During the Bosnian War, 1992-1995" is already on its second stop.  On June 4 at Neue Mittelschule Lassnitzhöhe near Graz, Centropa's EU Education Director Fabian Rühle and Ulrike Lackner, teacher of History and Arts, and participant of the Summer Academy 2011 in Sarajevo, gave keynote addresses to 30 visitors from all over Styria. The exhibition is on display till June 14. Fabian Rühle and Ulrike Lackner also introduced the exhibition to 40 students the day after and hold a seminar for around 10 teachers all over the region. 

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