The 11th Centropa Summer Academy - in Berlin

Between 5-12 July, we organized our annual Centropa Summer Academy for the 11th time. This year, we used Berlin as our classroom, and learned about Jewish history, the Third Reich, the Cold War and Civil Society - by touring streets and museums, listening to experts and panel discussions, and working on lesson plans. 

83 dedicated teachers came together from 19 countries to learn, connect, share, and take part in an experience of lifetime which they can bring back to their students. 

We thank for all of our supporters, partners and staff for making this amazing event happen.

 “The most significant thing I learned at Centropa’s Summer Academy was to keep an open mind. Before going to Berlin, I felt that I already knew a lot about the Holocaust, the Second World War, and the Berlin Wall – because I am a history teacher. The reality is I didn’t know enough, it is never enough. Speaking with educators, professors, and journalists from so many countries and backgrounds was an enormous learning experience that I can only hope to have again.” CRISTIANO ALVES, NEWARK, NJ, USA

“It may be a cliché to say this, but it’s true: this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I got to meet teachers from three different continents all working on the same subjects and it seems our object was to inspire each other to create great things for our students. Even though you return absolutely exhausted, your batteries are charged for the next school year. Stimulating talks and discussions, a week spent with inspiring people. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.” KAROLINA MORTON, WROCLAW, POLAND

“One of the best things during your Summer Academies is when teachers are given the opportunity to show how they use Centropa in their classrooms. I really enjoy seeing what other people do, thinking that it could be worth a try or even that I might be able to tweak what someone else has done and adapt it to my classes. I know I’ve said it before, but when teachers see what other teachers can do, they feel confident enough to try it themselves, and the success of colleagues encourages other teachers to venture forth into new territory.“ LOWELL BLACKMAN, LOD, ISRAEL