Working with Centropa's Photos

The Centropa Exhibition Jewish Witnesses to the Polish Century was at our school for 9 days (5 – 14 November 2012) At that time 14 classes, which means over 400 students and teachers,  visited the exhibition.

We had started our project with the exhibition before it arrived by preparing some tasks and exercises which we then presented to the fellow teachers at the special workshops run by our friend Mariusz Jakimowicz and us. We managed to get several teachers interested. After visiting the exhibition and studying our ideas they managed to prepare their students to the visit at the display on their own.

Our proposals consisted of 3 different ideas such as: group work with sets of chosen pictures, individual work with a personally chosen picture, pair work with a task sheet (see "lesson plan" attached).

Since the exhibition is in two languages, we managed to prepare the tasks in English to be used in the English classes, too.