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Students make a 3-5 minute film that tells the story of a family member.  We start the project by showing Centropa films as models for short films that tell a compelling story through narrative, visual and audio elements.  Students interview family members, learn to craft a compelling story about their family, write the narration, collect the photographs and visual images, choose appropriate music and edit everything using film-making software.  We conclude the project by having a film festival where we invite parents and each student film is shown.  Through this project students learn crucial 21st century skills of research, writing, storytelling, and editing, and students and parents alike are delighted with the results.

Related Films

Haya-Lea Detinko -- Surviving Stalin's Gulag

Haya-Lea was born in 1920 in Rovno, which then belonged to Poland. She grew up in a traditional Jewish family, joined a Zionist youth club called Hashomer Hatzair and looked forward to emigrating to Palestine, just like her sister. But the Soviets took eastern Poland in September 1939 and Haya-Lea's membership in Hashomer Hatzair earned her a ten year sentence of hard labor in Siberia. The rest of her family remained behind, not knowing that the Nazis would overrun the town soon after Haya-Lea's deportation to the east.

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