Traces of Memory. Saved from Oblivion.

The educational project Teaching the Holocaust was introduced in the fourth class of vocational school at the General-Technical School in Lubliniec for students in their last year of high school. This was based on the fact that the materials in the project require students to be at a certain level of personal and social maturity. It includes several levels (elements) and is not yet complete. In the summary (below), you will find the different elements as well as photographs.

The other two documents below, "The Auschwitz Album" and "Traces of Memory", constitute two single lessons that were part of this project. "The Auschwitz Album" works with photos from the Auschwitz Album; "Traces of Memory" works with Centropa's materials (website, Teofila Silberring film) in order to raise students’ awareness of other peoples’ suffering, the Holocaust and, in that context, to learn about tolerance