My Spanish Bosnian Life The Montiljo Family of Sarajevo

Overview information

Teachers: Pecoler Lorieta, Eskenazi Milutinovic Marsela, Isailovic Vera, Sterjova Daniela, Saric Melika, Cirino Katiusca
Type of school: Primary public schools, Public High Schools  
Subjects taught: History, Civic Education, Social Studies
Primary category: Sephardic Jewry in the Balkans
Grade level of students: Primary school - grade 9 (aged 14). High school – first to fourth year of studies (aged 15 to 18)
Total duration: One 45 minute lesson


The themes of this lesson plan are related to the Sephardic Jewish history in the Balkans, the Sarajevo Haggadah and righteous gentile presented through the personal story of the Montiljo family of Sarajevo. It’s intended for teaching history, social studies and civic education so that the students acquire knowledge in regards to Balkan Jewish history before, during and after World War II, the Holocaust, the important role of civil society in times of war, as well as the necessity for inter-cultural and inter-religious tolerance. The Centropa material used for this lesson plan is the Centropa film: My Spanish Bosnian Life- the Montiljo Family of Sarajevo.