Mariann Szamosi: Post-War Jewish Life in Hungary

In this lesson plan, Centropa films are used to introduce students to Jewish life in Hungary during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with a focus on the diversity of economic status, assimilation and religious affiliation among the Jews.  The goal of watching these films will be to explore Jewish life in Hungary before WWII. 

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Mariann Szamosi -- The Women Who Taught Me Everything

This is the story of an assimilated, well-to-do Jewish family living in Nagykoros. When Mariann's father lost his business, the family moved to Budapest and Mariann watched as her mother and grandmother took charge of running things.
They were sent to the women's concentration camp of Ravensbrück in northern Germany; only Mariann returned alive. Now in her 80s, Mariann is still running her own publishing company.

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