Interwar Hungarian Photographers Project

Interwar Hungary produced some of the best modernist photographers: Imre Kertesz, Robert Capa, and Laszlo Moholy Nagy. All were Jewish. Another great Jewish Hungarian photographer of the period was Imre Kinszki, whose life and career was cut short when he vanished in the last months of WW2 during a death march. His reputation faded. In this project, students learn about the modernist artistic styles of these important photographers, and research their life stories. They take photographs in the styles of the photographers and, as a final project, produce a short video about their lives and artistic contributions through photography.

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Judit Kinszki -- Love On A Paper Airplane

When we interviewed Judit Kinszki, she told us, "All my life I've been waiting to find someone who I could tell about my father. Because he was taken from me at such a young age, I feel that when I describe him, I can draw closer to him."

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