Civil Society - Whose Job is it to Guarantee We All Live in One?

This 2015 Milton Wolf Prize winning lesson is designed to introduce students to the UN Declaration of Human Rights and to help them realize the need for individual civic responsibility to assure that these rights are reality for all humans. The lesson uses Survival in Sarajevo as an example of this responsibility in action and its impact during the Siege of Sarajevo.  It is meant to be done as a Border Jumping exchange and was adapted by me from a lesson by Victor Gurevich to be done in conjunction with his students.  The Border Jumping/exchange component allows students to see if the same rights are at risk in other communities or if the focus is different and also that this responsibility is global.  This lesson was done as a “going further” project at the end of a unit, but can also be done as a stand-alone unit. 

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Survival in Sarajevo -- Friendship in a Time of War

The story of how an old synagogue in the Bosnian war zone became a beacon of hope for everyone. During the Bosnian war (1992-1995), the Jewish community of Sarajevo refused to take sides, opened their own humanitarian aid agency inside the city's synagogue, and were soon joined by their Muslim, Croat and Serbian friends. While outside of the besieged Bosnian capital, nationalist politicians swore these ethnic groups could not get along, here's a group of people who never got the memo. In this European war, Jews were not the victims. In this war, Jews were saving Muslims and Christians.

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