American Civil Rights Movement and Sarajevo

Students build a more complex and deeper understanding about the Civil Rights’ Movement as well as the activists and their non-compliance/non-violence approach to halt the laws and people in positions of power that oppose change to the status quo and contrast it to the defiance of laws in Sarajevo during the war in the 1990s. Also, students will find similarities and differences between both historical events by analyzing primary and secondary sources from the Civil Rights Movement and Survival in Sarajevo) especially people’s determination and collaboration to stand up for justice, peace, racial equality, and challenge the laws for a common goal or simply joining forces to do the right thing. Lastly, students will learn that collaboration, communication, determination, defiance, resilience, and bravery are key elements to counter wrong doing especially the oppression of the masses at the hands of the selected few regardless of the time period. This lesson is a Milton Wolf Prize winning lesson.