Centropa Summer Academy 2023: Application for European & Israeli teachers

Welcome! We are delighted you are interested in our 2023 Centropa Summer Academy (CSA), which will take place in Vienna and Prague, 4-12 July. You can learn more about it at www.csa2023.centropa.org.

Please fill the form in English.

We welcome applications from school teachers, education/school administrators, and museum/Holocaust organisation educators.

While we will cover accepted participants’ travel (for up to 300€), hotel and joint meals during the CSA program, we kindly ask them to pay a 50€ registration fee. (If you are chosen as a participant, you will receive further details on the process of buying your tickets. For those who cannot afford to pay the registration fee, we can offer other options.)

Preference will go to those who have used Centropa creatively and can show that Centropa will be a key resource in their teaching.

All participants whose air fare & ground expenses we cover, must pay a €50 registration fee. All participants must purchase travel medical/trip insurance, cover your rides to/from airports, and pay for meals on free evenings.

The deadline for applications from Europe and Israel was 3rd of April 2023. (If you came here from an email reminder about your draft submission, you can still submit the form.)

Contact Mária Lieberman at lieberman [at] centropa.org (lieberman[at]centropa[dot]org) or Fabian Rühle at ruehle [at] centropa.org (ruehle[at]centropa[dot]org).

The Centropa Team 

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Educator Role

How would you define your role as an educator? Choose the one that describes your primary role. 

What subject do you teach or supervise?

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Organization details

We'd like to learn about your school, district, or organization and the students or population you serve. 

Professional details

Paint us a picture of what you do professionally. Use the following questions as guidelines:

  • Classroom teachers: what grades/classes do you teach? How many students?
  • Administrators, museum educators: briefly describe your role and the educational programs you run.
  • Teachers: What is the most important thing you teach your students? Why? How do you teach it? 
  • Administrators: What is the most important thing you want to support and teach your teachers to teach? Why? How do you do that?
If you are accepted, you will need to be comfortable spending time and connecting with teachers from other cultures. Describe something that illustrates your curiosity about others, and your interest in and ability to successfully work with people from other cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. 

Centropa resources

Have you ever used Centropa's education resources?

Please show us that you understand what we offer educators by doing the following:

  1. Go to the interviews at www.centropa.org and choose a country.
  2. Select a family name from the biographies, read the interview, and look at the photos from that family. Tell us how you would use these materials - or other stories - in your classes or work.
  3. Please watch one film from our film page (www.centropa.org/en/films), and tell us how you might use it in class.


We are small non-profit and money is often tight, so we ask CSA applicants to look for any school, county, state, or local funding you might apply for to help support the cost of your trip, and to tell us here any amount you think you might be able to cover towards the cost of your flights or ground expenses (i.e., in addition to the €50 registration fee, travel/medical insurance, rides to/from airports, and meals on free evenings).


As a non-profit with a small staff, Centropa relies on our community of educators to expand our educational network and resources. For this reason, we ask you to read the following and acknowledge that, if you are accepted to the 2023 Centropa Summer Academy, by filling out this application you agree to partnering with us in the following ways: 

  • use Centropa's resources in your classroom or school district in the coming school year; if you use any lesson plans or projects from our website in your classes, you will let us know what you used, how you used them, and the students' responses;
  • share your lesson, projects, or programs with Centropa at no charge;
  • fill out a survey after the Summer Academy, and another follow-up survey after six months about how you use Centropa - we will use your comments in our reporting to donors;
  • introduce Centropa to your colleagues;
  • you give us permission to use photographs we take of you for our PR materials and reports to the supporting foundations;
  • if you publish exhibitions, websites, theater productions, or anything else that has been generated by your participation in our programs, you agree to use our name and logo (which we will send you upon request);
  • if you contact any speaker you have met through Centropa you will inform us.

Please indicate your acceptance of these terms by clicking below.

I authorize Centropa and organising partners to handle my personal data as described in the privacy policy.

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