Love on a paper airplane

Love on a paper airplane

We can not travel in time. We can not enter the photo studio of Emil Keglovits in Szeged in 1912, when Zsigmond Braun and Aranka Buchhalter pose for their wedding picture. We can not enjoy the holiday in Abbazia in 1916 with wealthy families. We can not visit the butchery of Simon Goldgruber, where he told about all his memories from the first world war. We can not be guests at the traditional Jewish wedding of Henrik Klein and Rózsa Wagschal in 1910 in Máramarossziget (today's Romania), and can not ask Paula Feith, who was a nurse in a military hospital during the first world war.

But we can ask elderly Jews to share their old family photos with us, and tell the stories of their ancestors. This exhibition shows the time of the first world war through personal stories and family photographs - in a subjective way.

Information about setting up the exhibition

The exhibition can be set up in a 250-300 square meter space. The exhibition panels are hanged from the ceiling and are two-sided, therefore it is important that the exhibition space has 350-400 cm inner height. The hanging system has to be 350 cm wide and has to have 25 kg carrying capacity. The exhibition contains three screens, for which electricity is needed. Some panels might need to be drilled to the wall. The full packaged exhibition size is 1,3x1,5x0,5 meters, without the hanging equipment (4x0,2x0,2 meters). We are also happy to provide all the graphic materials for the exhibitor.

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