The Lost Sephardic World of the Western Balkans

 The Lost Sephardic World of the Western Balkans exhibition was first presented to the public in Sarajevo in 2017. Funded by The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and the Viterbi Family Foundation, with additional support by the Claims Conference and the US Embassy in Serbia, the exhibition was produced in cooperation with the Holocaust Center for the Jews of Macedonia.

This exhibition looks at the 20th century through five of our interviews in the Western Balkans, taking visitors into five Balkan cities. Special thanks to Rachel Chanin of Belgrade, who interviewed for us in Serbia and North Macedonia, as well as Lea Siljak and Silvia Heim in Croatia.

The exhibition was curated by Edward Serotta. Yukon Damov selected and edited the photos and stories from the Centropa archive. Additional editing by Fabian Rühle, Esther Cotoarba and Anna Kozemjakin. The design & implementation of the accompanying website,, was done by Alexander von Freeden | LAIKA LAIKA, based on the print design of the exhibition by Miklós Fekete.

The exhibition consists of 11 panels – roll-ups of 200X200 cm each and can be rented for free (transport costs apply).

Available in English and Macedonian.

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Exhibition panels