Teacher Training Seminar in Lviv

Ukrainian teachers

Centropa is pleased to announce a teacher training seminar will take place on December 15-17, 2023 in Lviv.
Before the Second World War, Lviv was an important center of Jewish, cultural, religious and political life. So we invite you to get acquainted with the Jewish cultural and historical heritage of Lviv, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Hanukkah holiday and, of course, share your own pedagogical experience of teaching about European Jewish heritage.

The seminar will include:
- screening of Centropa films
- a lecture on the history of the Jews of Galicia
- a tour of Jewish Lviv and a visit to the synagogue
- group work with fellow teachers and methodical materials

Applications for participation in the seminar can be submitted by teachers, employees of education and museum centers, local historians, representatives of public organizations. Please note applications are only open for Ukrainians and the language of the seminar is Ukrainian.

Applications are now open: https://forms.gle/H8QTbwbFNtpRvW8H6


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