Jewish Cemeteries Photography Competition For University Students

Jewish cemetery Rymanow

Are you studying photography at university or college or is photography your hobby?

Here’s your chance to enter our Photography competition on Jewish cemeteries, win up to €1.000 in camera/video equipment and have your work shown in prestigious venues and online.

This competition is open to all students studying at university or college in Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia or Ukraine. 

Here’s a chance to bring your creativity to one or more local Jewish cemeteries and present to us your interpretation of these places. After all, in Yiddish the term for cemetery is: Bais Oylem, Home of the World.

A great many Jewish cemeteries (most in fact) are in poor condition. Weeds, ivy and trees proliferate in them. Many are neglected. But there is poignancy and beauty in the artwork engraved on the stones, in the way the tombs lean against each other, and in the ruins or the artwork in the ceremonial halls.